Footbook for Soundwalking (2018)

Footbook for Soundwalking is an experimental hybrid-media publication developed during an artist residency at Arc in Romainmôtier, Switzerland in October and November 2018.

The book (to be released in 2021) comprises notes, reflections and instructions based on a series of listening and field recording exercises conducted daily in the vicinity of Arc.

While walking and listening to and through local mountains, woods, pastures, and villages, I experimented with taking different positions and perspectives, for example from the level of an underground bunker system, foliage and its diverse ecosystems and high-hanging human-made infrastructures. While some experiments focused on critically rethinking Alpine soundmarks, listening through and beyond the pleasing sonority of cowbells, music boxes and automatons, others included lending an ear to electromagnetic pulses of local ATM machines and their network. Besides field recordings, field notes and images, each exercise resulted in a set of instructions letting others engage in similar reflective and critical explorations of multiple aural dimensions to be found within one's vicinity. .

The Footbook was developed during a custom-made residency, one of several, fully funded artist-in-residence programs offered by Arc

Excerpts of a soundscape composition based on an exercise in listening from the perspective of farm animals