Jacek Smolicki (b.1982, Kraków) is a Stockholm-based interdisciplinary artist, designer, researcher and "walker" exploring intersections of aesthetics, technology, documentation and everyday life. In his design and art practice, besides engaging with existing archives and heritage, Smolicki develops new techniques for mapping, (field-)recording, experiencing, and para-archiving human and other-than-human environments. His work is manifested through soundscape compositions, soundwalks, para-archives, site responsive performances, audio-visual installations, and experimental cartographies.

In his scholarly research, informed by art practice, philosophy of technology, and media archaeology, Smolicki explores how transformations of communication, recording, and computing technologies have been affecting aesthetic, material, performative, and ethical aspects of archiving and memory practices (both personal and public), but also everyday life practices and existence at large.

He has exhibited, presented his works, performed, soundwalked, and gave workshops internationally (e.g. Kraków, Madrid, Moscow, Helsinki, Stockholm, San Francisco, Budapest, Vienna, Sarajevo, Oxford). In 2017 he completed his PhD from the School of Arts and Communication at Malmö University where he was a member of the Living Archives, a research project funded by the Swedish Research Council.

Between 2020-2023 Smolicki will pursue an international postdoc funded by the Swedish Research Council. His research will explore the history and prospects of field recording and soundwalking from the perspective of arts, environmental humanities, and media archaeology. He is also an associate scholar at the Uppsala Informatics and Media Hub for Digital Existence at Uppsala University. From 2020 he will be part of BioMe, a research project exploring ethical implications of AI technologies on everyday life. Smolicki will explore sonic capture cultures and implications of AI technologies on voice.

Contact: jacek[at]smolicki[dot]com,
Ateljé 224, Platform Stockholm, Lövholmsgränd 12, 117-43, Stockholm, Sweden