of Sound


FRIDAY 11.10.2019, 10am

Start: 10am
Meeting point: under Armstrong Arches, Newcastle University

Begin to Hear / Martin P Eccles

Begin to hear is a soundwalk that presents an evolving complex location, taking a listener/walker through a 'real' world whilst also presenting them with the sounds of a different world. Begin to hear is based on four walks, two islands and one bird; you will be hearing across 21 days and 2000 miles. As we walk, we will move through a visible world that you can, in part, hear, whilst being presented with the sounds of another, invisible, part real, part constructed space. Sometimes this is clearly audible, sometimes it is not, sometimes it mimics the current real world (for example the sound of the close passing of traffic) and other times it presents a completely incongruent world (a seabird colony). The sum of what you hear is a function of your 'interaction with sound ... taking account of factors like memory, perception, temporality and imagination'.

Martin P Eccles is a walking artist working predominantly in sound and text. His practice aims to reflect the experience of his presence in and walking through natural environments. He uses a range of methods to respond to time, distance and place in the landscape.

FRIDAY 11.10.2019, 7pm

Start: 7pm
Meeting point: to be confirmed

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Modernist Society

Join the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Modernist Society on an expedition into the Brasilia of the North to commune with the ghosts of a lost future, journeying along the route of the Central Motorway. Expect the spirits of Newcastle's modernist heyday to be invoked in underpasses, tales of cities that could have been retold beneath flyovers, and search for signs of ghosts as the paths wind their way above, below, and between the levels of Motorway. Was that sound just a car? Or could it be the spirit of T Dan Smith?

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Modernist Society is a local collective of enthusiasts, experts and survivors of Newcastle's modernist history, exploring the legacy of its architecture, city planning and artworks.

SATURDAY 12.10.2019, 7pm

Start: 7pm,
Meeting point: St Nicholas Square, Newcastle

Dog Leap Stairs / Usue Ruiz Arana

Join Usue Ruiz Arana for an evening walk in search of the Dog Leap Stairs' creature that terrorised Newcastle's residents in medieval nights. The walk will take us around Newcastle and Gateshead's old quaysides, and along low frequented paths and stairs sporadically maintained, where nature is allowed a freer hand. In European folklore, there are many creatures such as the one introduced above, part human part animal, or not quite human, that materialised at night, when listening plays a primordial role in the navigation of space. Some of these creatures were harmful, others helpful or harmful depending on human action. In either case, these creatures were an expression of the fear, respect, and fascination for nature held at the time; sentiments still very valid today. Through listening, we might be able to bring those sentiments back to life.

Usue Ruiz Arana is a landscape architect and Ph.D. researcher at Newcastle University. Her research is concerned with the role of listening in the affective engagement with the landscape, and the active use of sound in landscape architecture practice.