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Confirmed artists & events (more coming soon)

THURSDAY-TUESDAY 05-08.09.2019

Vernissage: Wednesday, 04.09.2019, 6pm, Detroit Stockholm, Roslagsgatan 21, Stockholm
Open between 10-16 on September 5, and on request during the rest of the festival days

The Art of Field Recording / Various Artists

During the Walking Festival of Sound, Detroit, Stockholm, an artist run collective, will host a sound installation featuring field recordings and soudscape compositions contributed by diverse sound artists and composers.

Confirmed artists whose works will be presented include:

Yvette Janine Jackson
Phill Niblock
Katt Hernandez
Peter Cusack
Lorenzo Brusci
Tim Shaw
Lucía Hinojosa Gaxiola
Jez Riley French
Brett Ascarelli
Jenny Sunesson
Maria Lundberg
David Burraston
Jacek Smolicki

Detroit, Stockholm is an artist-run collective that provides a free platform and a gallery for artists from various disciplines. From nomadic performance art festivals, music and art happenings and various multimedia exhibitions. Detroit, Stockholm provides a free platform and project space for international guest artists as well as their own members. It is a house to 25 studio spaces for a variety of artists.


THURSDAY 05.09.2019

Start: 6pm, meet-up point to be confirmed

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Shared Surface / Janna Holmstedt

In this combined talk, walk, listening session and reading, I will depart from an invisible border and an urban allotment, the tiny remnants of a once huge community that was levelled with the ground in 1965. Relations are traced between different figures, places and times: earthworms in the soil beneath our feet, potato riots in Stockholm during WW1, the allotment movement, archaeological findings of popcorn in Peru, Sentinel-1, a pair of satellites that orbit Earth to monitor soil moisture, and a cob of corn from Zea mays var. amylacea. All are fragments from a work-in-progress where the allotment becomes a place to think with and through, where the small place, the everyday and the trivial intra-acts with the global, large-scale and remote. I use this superficially demarcated piece of land as an interface - or rather, a situation of shared surfaces - through which post-anthropocentric modalities of belonging and care can be attended to, and transcorporeal entanglements be experienced. Put simply, to me it is a place for unlearning.

Janna Holmstedt is an artist based in Stockholm. She works across various media, ranging between installation, sonic fiction, text, drawing, mapping and performance, with a particular interest in listening, storying and situated practices. Her projects work transversally in order to weave a web of parasitic relations in an attempt to story more-than-human relations and less anthropocentric we-formations. She explores entangled issues such as multispecies relations, interspecies communication, and the intra-action of bodies, environs and technology. Her current work focuses on soil care and soil as multispecies activity zone. She holds a PhD in Fine Arts in Visual Arts from Lund University, and is affiliated researcher with the Posthumanities Hub, KTH.


FRIDAY 06.09.2019

Start: 10am, Medborgarplatsen, Södermalm

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Ambulation / Tim Shaw

Ambulation is a headphone-based sound walk that uses adapted field recording equipment and DIY listening technologies to explore the sonic quality of different environments through an expanded performance practice. Ambulation configures field recording as a live, performative act. Each Ambulation event responds to and engages audiences with the interplay between sound and space in a particular location. The performance supports a collective listening experience and considers how recording and performance operate as shared listening practices more broadly. During the forty to eighty minute walk that is the performance of Ambulation I use a variety of listening technologies, which I have adapted to record and manipulate the sounds of the immediate context in real time. The sounds I 'collect' during the walk are broadcast live for the duration of the performance to wireless headphones worn by participants who are walking alongside me. With this set up we walk together along a loosely planned route around the local environment. Using the portable system that I have developed for Ambulation, along the route I record, re-sample and manipulate the soundscapes of the contexts we move through. No pre-recorded material is used in Ambulation, which means that the first time the audience hears a sound is also the first time I hear it as the performer. The event is thus constituted of listening to the environment we are walking through via my improvised sound performance.

Tim Shaw's practice is concerned with the many ways people listen, specifically how listening environments can be constructed or explored using a diverse range of techniques and technologies. He has a background in recording sound and his practice is anchored in the creative use of field recordings. He is interested in appropriating communication technologies to explore how these devices change the way we experience the world. Presenting work through musical performances, installations, walks and site-responsive interventions his practice attempts to expose the mechanics of systems through sound to reveal the hidden aspects of environments and technologies. Collaboration plays a central role in his approach. Recently his work has been presented at Cafe OTO, Brighton Dome, New Ear Festival, New York, History of Bosnia Museum, Sarajevo, ARC, Switzerland, bb14, Linz, Stereolux, Nantes, Baltic, Gateshead, Touch Radio, FACT Liverpool, Eastern Bloc, Montreal and The Wired Lab, New South Wales.


FRIDAY 06.09.2019

Start: 2pm, Alby subway station,

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Alby Walk / Juanma González

Alby is a suburb in Botkyrka Kommun in the South of Stockholm. Fifty years ago Alby was a village composed of small houses and some farms. Today, people of more than 90 nationalities live there. I invite you to walk from the metro station to a clearing in the woods where you could listen both the natural and urban environment. There, I will create a room for sharing our voices through our mother tongues. If you want to participate in, I would like to explore how our voices will join in a single tone until the silence comes. And do it again. And again. Our voices will transform into the breathing of shared space. In the same way that the sound of Alby's multicultural community does.

Juanma González (b. 1977, Madrid, Spain) is an artist currently working and living in Stockholm. He graduated from Kungliga Konsthögskolan (KKH) in Stockholm, 2016, and in Media from Universidad Europea in Madrid, 1999. He uses walking as a method for making art. For the last five years, Juanma has been researching pilgrimage as a contemporary phenomena through the postgraduate courses Research Lab at KKH 2017 and Sites and Situations at Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts, and Design, 2018.


FRIDAY 06.09.2019

Start: 6pm, Vinterviken cafe.

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Sonic Fire Soup / Erik Sjödin

During the Walking Festival of Sound I will prepare and cook a 'fire soup' on a mobile wood fired kitchen. Sounds from the fire and the cooking will be amplified by artists Jacek Smolicki and Tim Shaw. A fire soup is hot and spicy soup consisting of primarily red, orange and yellow ingredients. The mobile wood fired kitchen used for the cooking is one of several kitchens built to facilitate various explorations of human relationships to fire.

Erik Sjödin maintains an art- and research practice which is concerned with interdependencies and relationships between humans and other beings and phenomena, as well as philosophical and practical questions about how we live today, have lived in the past, and may live in the future. Up to now his work has included studying human relationships to fire, cultivating and cooking aquatic plants, research on relationships between bees and humans, and engagements with social and ecological cultivation initiatives. The projects he pursues are usually of a research character and bring together multiple fields of practice and study. He often works within art contexts and in collaboration with artists, but also collaborates with experts and amateurs from other fields. For example researchers, gardeners, and chefs.


SATURDAY 07.09.2019

Start: 10am, place to be confirmed
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Coffee Shop Walk / Shahram Khosravi

In this walking seminar I will talk about the coffee shop culture from the perspective of the marginalized. Going to coffee shops offers an opportunity to be less 'invisiblized,' less second sex, less second citizen. Since the early 2000s the coffee shop in Stockholm has become a space in which the marginalized can take part in city life. For those who are 'invisiblized' or supposed to be invisible, whether they are young women in Tehran or young migrants in Stockholm, coffee shops offer an opportunity to participate in a form of social life that is otherwise inaccessible.

Shahram Khosravi is Professor of Social Anthropology at Stockholm University and the author of several books including The Illegal Traveler: An Auto-ethnography of Borders, Palgrave (2010); and Precarious Lives: Waiting and Hope in Iran, University of Pennsylvania Press (2017). He has been an active writer in the press and has also written fiction.

Shahram Khosravi's research profile

SATURDAY 07.09.2019

Start: 8pm, Vattentornet (Water tower), Gnesta in collaboration with Antenn Festival

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Returning the Ear / Tim Shaw & Jacek Smolicki

Returning the Ear is a method for attending to, para-archiving and mediating space through an array of sonic interventions and on-site experiments. We will invite the audience to a soundwalk in the vicinity of the old water tower in Gnesta near Stockholm which will be followed by a site-responsive performance inside. We will animate the space with an array of sonic techniques and field recordings collected around and inside the water tower.

Tim Shaw's practice is concerned with the many ways people listen, specifically how listening environments can be constructed or explored using a diverse range of techniques and technologies.


Jacek Smolicki engages with existing archives and develops new modes of mapping, field recording and para-archiving human and other-than-human environments.


SUNDAY 08.09.2019

Start: 11am, Slussen subway station, Södermalmstorg

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Please bring your smartphone and headphones. Some headphones will be available in situ.

Slussen Soundwalk / Jacek Smolicki

Besides being an important transportation hub, Slussen area in Stockholm has for many years served numerous other roles: a meeting point for the 'indie' youth, an impromptu shelter for migrants, a gathering point for homeless people, and inexpensive premises for informal businesses of all sorts, to name just a few. This is why a decision to gentrify this area was met with skepticism and hard resistance. Working at the time in the vicinity of Slussen, I passed its complex architectural setting at least a few times a day. In 2012, right before the place became subject to demolishing, I decided to document and preserve its sonosphere by conducting a series of psychogeographical excursions and field recording sessions. An extensive audio database of stories, memories, and soundscapes has been created reflecting the often unknown and invisible dimensions of Slussen. During the walk in today's, half demolished site of Slussen, I will invoke its gone spirit by sharing with the audience soundscapes and various acoustic phenomena I recorded there over the last several years.

Jacek Smolicki is a cross-media artist, designer, researcher and "walker" who traverses intersections of aesthetics, technology, memory, and everyday life. In his research, greatly informed by artistic methodologies, Smolicki explores how transformations of communication, recording, and computing technologies have been affecting aesthetic, material, performative, and ethical aspects of archiving and memory practices, historically and at the present moment. In his design and art practice, besides engaging with existing archives and heritage, Smolicki develops new techniques for experiencing, documenting, remembering, and para-archiving human and other-than-human environments. He has exhibited, presented his works, performed, soundwalked, and gave workshops internationally (e.g. Madrid, Moscow, Helsinki, Stockholm, San Francisco, Budapest, Vienna, Sarajevo).


SUNDAY 08.09.2019

Start: 6pm, Fylkingen, Münchenbrygeriet, Södermalm
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Aeolian Ðàn Tranh / Nguyễn Thanh Thủy

For the Walking Festival of Sound, Nguyễn Thanh Thủy will take the audience to the top of the hill overlooking Stockholm and perform, together with the wind, using Ðàn Tranh, a traditional Vietnamese string instrument.

Nguyễn Thanh Thủy is a leading dàn tranh player and improviser in both traditional and experimental music. She was born into a theatre family and was raised with traditional Vietnamese music from an early age in Hà Nội. She studied at the Hanoi Conservatory of Music. She has received many distinctions included the First Prize and the Outstanding Traditional Music Performer Prize in the National Competition of Zither Talents in 1998. Nguyễn Thanh Thủy has recorded several CDs as soloist with orchestra and solo CDs which released by Phuong Nam Film Vietnam; by dB Productions Sweden; by Setola di Maiale Italia and by NEUMA Records & Publications USA. She collaborates with the composers such as Richard Karpen (US), Kent Olofsson (SE), Nguyen Thien Dao (FR/VN) and Kim Ngoc Tran Thi (VN). The last five years she has been collaborating extensively with choreographers, composers and theatre directors on many interdisciplinary projects. Since 2012 she is carrying out an artistic doctoral project at the Malmö Academy of Music concerned with gesture in traditional Vietnamese music.

Nguyễn Thanh Thủy's research profile

SUNDAY 08.09.2019

Start: 7:30pm, In the vicinity of Fylkingen, Münchenbrygeriet, Södermalm,
Precise location to be announced
Free entry

Bring warm and suitable clothing as you'll be lying on rugged ground as part of this piece.

Landvätter - Portal #1 ... a performative cut up rite / Geraldine Hudson

Portal #1 being the first in an intermittent series of small site specific acts. In this interactive performance piece participants are invited to join me in an urban scared space, where I'll attempt to combine two heterotopic sites, one urban and profane in Stockholm, one rural and sacred in England. By using the method of the cut up, manifested as a physical happening, the site is transformed into a hierophany (sacred place). Here the participants will be facilitated to take part in the sensory experience of the place as they become part of the rite as it unfolds. During the act I shall invoke and bless the Landvätter (spirits of place) in unison with sonic recordings from an ancient site in England. In splicing the two places together I attempt to create a phenomenological cut up - in doing so opening a portal, and facilitating the possibility of subconscious time travel whilst hoping to encourage an open discourse around humans relationship to the land and the possibility of psychological reaquaintence as a form of resistance.

Geraldine Hudson is a interdisciplinary British artist/curator and experiential researcher based in Stockholm. Within her own practice she is participating specifically at the intersections of site, myth, psychological topographies, otherness and the liminal experience of the magical body - working with installation, printmaking/artists books, analogue photography, performance ritual and sound. Using a site specific methodology, whether drifting or purposefully visiting/revisiting certain spaces, where she attempts to explore notions of heterotopia and hierophany, examining the topography of myth, how the inherently primaeval bodily connection with the land relates to the veiled state, in communion with other archetypes. By considering the sacred and profane in urban and rural environments she is interested in how we as humans can reconnect with our organic environment and tentatively deconstruct the dualism of the anthropocene, With an interest in weaving together the oft called 'pseudo' scientific elements of the esoteric world to somehow build another language of being, to expand on the mystical and if possible achieve some manifestation of gnosis ... through our kinship to the chthonic world, other animals and our shared habitat.