The Last Walk of Olof Palme is a commemorative artistic experience created to mark the 25th anniversary of the assassination of one of the leading political figures in the history of Sweden and Europe.The public was invited to take a part in a 'sound walk' which followed the exact path that Palme and his wife took after leaving the cinema at Sveavägen 25 years ago. During the 4 minute and 30 second walk, they listened to a sonic composition, which was a vocal interpretation of the GPS data extracted from his last walk. Its dramatic soundscape ended at the very place of the murder.

The event took place on Monday, February 28, between noon and 23:21 pm (at 16 minutes past every hour, starting at 12:16) Sveavägen 45 (between the Grand Cinema and the entrance to the t-station Hötorget) Sound walk, Stockholm, February 2011 Project director: Jacek Smolicki, programming: Brett Ascarelli, vocals: Therese Karlsson An audio essay reflecting on the project, Stockholm 2012 Script, concept and production: Jacek Smolicki, narrator: Schiaffino Musarra