Here we have a man whose job it is to gather the day's refuse in the capital. Everything that the big city has thrown away, everything it has lost, everything it has scorned, everything it has crushed underfoot he catalogues and collects. He collates the annals of intemperance, the capharnaum of waste. He sorts things out and selects judiciously: he collects like a miser guarding a treasure, refuse which will assume the shape of useful or gratifying objects between the jaws of the goddess of Industry (Walter Benjamin, Arcades Project)

Echoing some of Benjamin's aspirations to rethink the language and techniques through which we speak about and document our times, On-Going Project aims to compose a subjective, mixed-media para-archive of various facets of contemporary everyday life. Utilizing contemporary recording technologies, since 2008, the On-Going Project has comprised about a dozen practices, for example excerpts of everyday soundscapes, fragments of daily news, fragmentary visualizations of GPS data from daily walks, and portraits of technologized individuals taken in different means of public transportation. A small portion of the regularly composed archive is available under