Digital database has been declared as a new cultural and archival form redefining the ways we typically think of and construct narratives. The open-ended construction of the database allows for a non-linear exploration of its content, opening possibilities for new critical juxtapositions and angles from which one can make otherwise unreachable observations. Taking the concept of the database as a starting point, I attempted to construct one that sonically articulates various rhythms of the Hökärangen district in Stockholm. The database was built of field recordings and interviews performed during a week and reflecting current processes characterizing this neighbourhood. The collection accommodated conflicting points, polzarized opinions and observations regarding the ongoing gentrification as well as records of the 'everyday life' aura, the local atmosphere and its undercurrent bio-rhythms. After the period dedicated to building the substance of the database, I concluded the process by moving on to a performative, live assemblage of its fragmentary content.

An open-ended audio installation enriched everyday with a new dose of accounts and field recordings was displayed at the gallery Cigarrvägen 13 between August 30 and September 5, 2013. The exhibition was followed by a performance summing up the process of constructing the database. The exhibition and performance took place within the framework of Augmented Spatiality Read more at