Ottilia Adelborg:
Assembling the World

Ottilia Adelborg: Assembling the World is a publication developed together with Malin Pettersson Öberg, for an exhibition at Ottilia Adelborgmuseet in Gagnef, Sweden. The publication offers a glimpse into the personal archive of Ottilia Adelborg, Swedish artist, illustrator, and ethnographer. It comprises print material and newspaper clips found in numerous boxes she had assembled throughout her life. The publication is complemented by several commissioned texts reflecting on the meaning of Adelborg's legacy, her archival passion, emergence of the Swedish national identity that her legacy contributed to, as well as lessons from her work in the context of contemporary, micro-archiving practices performed by people in their everyday lives.

Produced as part of the international exchange project GAIR- Gagnef Artist-in-Residence Programme 2017-2018: The Legacy of Ottilia with support from The Swedish National Heritage Board and Ottilia Adelborgmuseet

Initiator, editorial work and direction: Malin Petterson Öberg,
Graphic design, editorial work and writing: Jacek Smolicki,
Editorial work and writing:
Camilla Larsson
Writing: Sara Rossling